The best Estancia Tour near Buenos Aires has been also a way to escape from the great Buenos Aires City to the grounds of the original Argentina.

Estancias near Buenos Aires are Argentine style ranches with a main residence, sometimes mansions built more than 100 years ago, and few of them now are also receiving guests. They are distributed in large pieces of land where the cattle and horses herds are grazing freely in the Pampas: one of the largest green plains of the world.

In the most affordable ones the house is a mansion of European design totally ornated and decorated, but most are simple architectur with colonial style.

The Experience in an Estancia

Estancias can be found all over Argentina, but this best Estancia Tour near Buenos Aires is still the only one being a real working ranch that you can visit and being hosted in a 90 minutes trip departing from your hotel or apartment in Buenos Aires, offering you the opportunity of exploring this special ranches and its daily activities with the gauchos.

Typical activities that the guests can take part are strolling along the big park and woods, visit the working facilities, exploring the fields on horseback ride or in a cart drove by one gaucho, or even biking or walking. There is some much nature to discover in any trip going through the near 800 acres of the Estancia: at least a dozen of diffferent birds, farm animals, etc. Probably discovering the Estancia workers performing they daily tasks like milking a cow, herding the animals or fixing a fence.

Estancia El Ombu de Areco gastronomy

Estancia El Ombu de Areco, located in San Antonio de Areco “cradle of the Argentine Traditions”, also still preserves the recipes and customs of cooking the typical dishes of the countryside, which now are considered the original cuisine of Argentina: of course a lot of beef involved but also fresh vegetables and aromatic local herbs. Everyday for lunch there will be a 4 hours performance of cooking beef on the grill the Argentine very slow way.

If you would like to also visit the most traditional Gaucho Town in Argentina: Camino Pampa is a Full Day Tour Estancia El Ombú de Areco and San Antonio de Areco gaucho town.

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